Department of Public Works
Generation Earth for Teachers: Environmental Education and Resources in Los Angeles County

Generation Earth for Teachers

Generation Earth is an environmental education program of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works presented by TreePeople. The primary goal of this program is to educate and empower secondary school students in the County to be an active part of the solution to environmental concerns in their community.

Teens are powerful agents of change in their families and among their friends. Generation Earth believes that the rewarding experience of taking action for positive change will inspire teens to take responsibility for their lives and, in turn, their communities.

This section is for teachers, who are the key to success for the Generation Earth program. It is your enthusiasm for bringing high quality environmental education into the classroom that gives us the way to impact teens in the County.

  • We use service learning as the model for teaching and learning environmental concepts. We offer an approach that links these concepts to California state standards. Service learning provides an innovative and fulfilling way of learning in the classroom.
  • We provide materials for middle and high school teachers in the County.

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