Department of Public Works
Generation Earth for Teachers: Environmental Education and Resources in Los Angeles County

Our ESL Program

The Generation Earth program uses the concepts of service learning to integrate environmental education into your classroom. We have developed two main tools to assist you in creating a standards-based service learning unit of study, the Program Pathway and the Lesson Plan Builder.

The Project Pathway was developed to outline our suggested step-by-step process for a successful service learning program. The steps will take you from the planning of your program to the completion of your program. As part of the process, the Lesson Plan Builder is provided with specific questions that lead to the creation of a unit that follows the suggested pathway. The Lesson Plan Builder will help to align the environmental concepts with the California State Standards. We have a Lesson Plan Builder Archive to help you by providing ideas from other teachers. Please feel free to modify the Pathway or the Lesson Plan Builder to meet your classroom needs and resources.

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