Department of Public Works
Generation Earth for Teachers: Environmental Education and Resources in Los Angeles County

Helpful Tips

  • Have students update your principal and/or vice-principal on project progress to ensure their support.
  • Enlist other classes and teachers for more help. Math teachers can have students measure trash levels or water usage. Drama and video teachers can have students create performances and presentations on the project topic. English and language teachers can have students create bilingual brochures on the project topic.
  • Enlist the support of ASB or Student Council.
  • Enlist the support of PTSA.
  • Enlist the support of a campus club such as a recycling or environmental club.
  • Use morning announcements and/or a school newspaper as an opportunity to advertise your project or event.
  • Have students do a presentation at a local elementary or middle school on what they have learned.
  • Take students to a school board meeting to make a presentation on their project.
  • Write letters to local governmental officials inviting them to participate in your project or event or to help with the problem.
  • Create incentives for behavior change, i.e. setting up recycle bins where students "vote" with their cans to determine what kind of music will be played at lunch.
  • Plan your project or event around a special day like Cesar Chavez Day, Martin Luther King Day of Service or Earth Day to involve more people in your project.

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