Los Angeles County
Landscape Maintenance Districts

Zone 28 Vista Grande

 Zone 28 Vista Grande image


Zone 28, Vista Grande, consists of approximately 5.5 acres of slopes, open space and private streets within a private community along the south side Potrero Grande Drive, just west of San Gabriel Boulevard. The landscaping and other facilities include shrubs, turf, plants, trees, automatic irrigation systems, light standards, curbs, street paving, and other appurtenant improvements. The groundcover, shrubs, and trees are comprised a variety of plant species including acacia longifolia, acacia redolens, and gazania splendens. Landscape maintenance of Vista Grande is provided throughout various areas within the private community including along slopes adjacent to homes, open space, and parkways along private streets.


Services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Turf Care
  • Irrigation system maintenance and management
  • Fertilization of plant material
  • Trimming and pruning of trees, shrubs, and groundcover and weed control
  • Pest and weed control
  • Hardscape care and DG path erosion control

Assessment Information:

  • $1048.97 per parcel
  • 84 parcels
  • The cost to be assessed on each parcel is determined by dividing the total amount to be assessed by the number of assessable parcels within the Zone.