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Zone 76 Tesoro Adobe Park

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Zone 76 - Tesoro Adobe Park was accepted by the County as a donation from the Montalvo Properties LLC, the developer of the Tesoro residential community that surrounds the park, and consists of landscaping, outdoor picnic area, and other improvements including the preservation of historic structures, which include the Adobe Ranch House, Amphitheater, and Western Move Star Harry Carey’s Ranch. Tesoro Adobe Park is available for the use and enjoyment of residents, customers, clients, employees, and visitors of the surrounding community.

Tesoro Abode Park is located at 29350 Avenida Rancho Tesoro. Valencia, CA 91354

Services include:

Maintenance is provided by the Department of Parks and Recreation

Assessment Information:

  • $73.64 per Equivalent Benefit Unit (EBU)
  • 1,132 parcels and 1,132 EBUs
  • Variations in benefit exist between parcels within this Zone and a more appropriate allocation of benefit is based on EBU rather than a per parcel method of apportionment. The cost to be assessed on each parcel is determined by dividing the total amount to be assessed by the number of assessable parcels within the Zone and subsequently multiplied by the individually assigned EBUs. The following are the EBU equivalents for various property types:
    • Taxable Parcels=1 EBU/unit, Apartment=0.7 EBU/unit, Condominium=0.8 EBU/unit, Commercial=0.556 EBU/gross acre



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