Note: This list shows roads within unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County ONLY. Estimated reopening dates are subject to change without notice. Please check this site periodically before finalizing any travel plans.
Currently 15 road closures and 0 planned road closures. Last Closure reported on: 02/05/2016 08:15:00 AM
Parking Restrictions/Observe Signs
Street - From / To Status Reason Begin Date Sorted Descending Estimated End Date SD
Near 20932 Canyon Trail FROM: Near 20932 Canyon Trail TO: Near 20932 Canyon Trail Road Closed Replacing A Power Pole 02/22/16 02/22/16 3
Near 3908 Escondido Drive FROM: Near 3908 Escondido Drive TO: Near 3908 Escondido Drive Road Closed Replacing A Power Pole 02/15/16 02/15/16 3
19746 Observation Drive FROM: 19746 Observation Drive TO: 19746 Observation Drive Road Closed Replacing A Power Pole 02/12/16 02/12/16 3
21812 Castlewood Dr FROM: 21812 Castlewood Dr TO: 21812 Castlewood Dr Road Closed Replacing A Power Pole 02/09/16 02/09/16 3
Nogales Ave FROM: Colima Rd TO: Labin Ct Lane Closed Edison Permit Work 02/09/16 03/14/16 1,4
1526 Lookout Drive FROM: 1526 Lookout Drive TO: 1526 Lookout Drive Road Closed Replacing A Power Pole 02/08/16 02/08/16 3
East Fork Rd Bridge FROM: TO: Road Closed Reconstruction Of East Fork Rd Bridge East Of San Gabriel Canyon Rd 01/20/16 TBD 5
Crystal Lake FROM: Angeles Crest Highway TO: East Fork Road Road Closed Hiighway 39 Closed By Cal Trans 01/06/16 TBD 5
Vasquez Canyon Road FROM: Lost Creek Rd TO: Vasquez Way Road Closed Road Closed Due To Land Slide 11/19/15 TBD 5
Puente Avenue FROM: Nelson Avenue TO: Valley Blvd. Road Closed. Only Open To Residents & Emergency Vehicles Grade Separation Project 06/10/15 TBD 1
40th Street East FROM: Barrel Springs Road TO: California Aqueduct Road Closed Closed Due To Pavement Condition 06/08/15 TBD 5
Valley Blvd. FROM: Orange Ave. TO: Vineland Ave. Lane Closed Construction Of Storm Drain 02/16/15 03/09/16 1
Nogales St FROM: San Jose Ave TO: Gale Ave Road Closed Grade Seperation Permit#Pcco201301734 09/03/14 04/01/16 1,4
Frontier Circus St FROM: Ave P-8 TO: Stagecoach Av Road Closed Due To Flooding And Road Construction 01/24/12 TBD 5
134th Street West FROM: Lancaster Rd TO: Avenue G-12 Road Closed Closed Due To Pavement Condition 04/20/11 TBD 5