1. All applications for new sewer connections or for building alterations which will result in increased discharge to the public sewer shall be submitted to the Building and Safety Division Lomita/Lennox field office.

  2. Building and Safety will refer applicants to Land Development Division for confirmation of adequate sewer capacity and to the City of Los Angeles for payment of sewer connection charges. The location for connection charge payment is as follows:

  3. Land Development will collect the appropriate fee for determining sewer capacity availability, per Section 20.32.250 of the Los Angeles County Code, from the applicant and request flow measurement from Sewer Maintenance.

  4. Sewer Maintenance will conduct the necessary flow test and provide Land Development with the flow test data.

  5. Land Development will perform flow calculations to evaluate the adequacy of the existing local sewer to accommodate the increased flow and require proof of payment of sewer connection charges to the City of Los Angeles. Based on the results of the capacity study:

    1. If adequate sewer capacity is available, Land Development will provide the applicant with a sewer capacity availability letter. The applicant will then submit the sewer capacity availability letter and proof of payment of City connection charges to Building and Safety who may then issue the necessary permits.
    2. If adequate sewer capacity is not available, Land Development will set requirements for the needed sewer upgrades and notify the applicant. The applicant will then prepare and submit required sewer upgrade plans to Land Development for review and approval. Following construction, Land Development approval of the facilities for public use, and confirmation of the connection charge payment to the City, the necessary permits may be issued.

  6. If a sewer saddle is necessary, Building and Safety will collect the installation fee specified by Section 20.32.200 of the Los Angeles County Code prior to issuance of the sewer connection permit.