The following information is offered to assist the contractor in the saddle installation:
  1. After the saddle permit (current permit fee $154) has been obtained from the local Building & Safety Office, the contractor must excavate the sewer trench and expose the upper two-thirds of the barrel of the main line sewer pipe where the saddle is to be applied. The trench shall be adequate in width to accommodate and braced in accordance with Trench Safety Orders of the State of California. No saddles will be installed on any length of pipe which already has an existing branch. If ground water is present, the contractor must provide equipment and labor to keep the trench dry during the installation.

    Below is a list of City agencies that collect saddle installation fees in lieu of our departmental cashier service.
    1. Baldwin Park
    2. Diamond Bar
    3. Duarte
    4. Hawaiian Gardens
    5. Hidden Hills
    6. Industry
    7. Irwindale
    8. Lakewood
    9. Palos Verdes Estates
    10. San Dimas
    11. Santa Fe Springs
    12. Temple City
    13. Walnut

  2. The Sewer Maintenance Districts are equipped to install saddles on Vitrified Clay Pipes (VCP) only. Special arrangements will be necessary for saddle installations on plastic pipes. Allow additional time for non-VCP saddle installation.

  3. The contractor must give notice 48 hours in advance of the time he/she will be ready for the saddle to be installed. There will be no installations on Mondays, Fridays, and none after 4:00 p.m.

  4. The contractor will furnish the saddle.

  5. The Sewer Maintenance Districts' personnel will tap the pipe and install the saddle.

  6. The contractor is responsible for all excavations, barricades, lanterns, backfills, and resurfacing.

  7. In requesting the saddle installation, the contractor should keep in mind that the excavation must be complete before the County Public Works' forces arrive since they cannot wait on the job.

  8. The saddle installation is a separate operation from the pipe laying of the house connection; therefore, after the saddle is placed on the main line sewer pipe, the contractor should follow the same procedure established by the Division of Building and Safety as for a house connection to a "Tee" or "Wye" Branch.