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Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP)

Tools to Address Speeding and Traffic Volumes

Full Diagonal Diverters

Top view of a street with full diagonal diverters

These might adversely affect residents' access to their properties.

Gaps can be left for pedestrians and bikes.

Full or Diagonal diverters create a blockage from one corner to the diagonal corner of an intersection and effectively prohibit some turns and all through movements at an intersection. They are used to force traffic movements into a particular pattern to reduce volumes on selected streets.

Care should be taken to involve residents in the decision making process because full or diagonal-diverters can affect access patterns to residences.

Effectively reduces traffic volumes and speeds on certain streets. Gaps for pedestrians and bikes can be left.

Temporary Diverter Installation

Full diagonal diverters temporary installation

Temporary Installation


  • Reduces traffic speed.
  • Reduces traffic volumes.
  • Reduces cut-through traffic.
  • Self-enforcing.
  • Enhanced landscaping opportunities possible.


  • May reduce access for emergency vehicles.
  • Diversion to longer routes may cause inconvenience to and be opposed by affected residents.
  • Not suitable on transit routes.
Summary of Effectiveness
Volume Reduction Yes
Speed Reduction Yes
Safety Improvement Possible
Streets to Use On Collector, Local Local
Use on Bus Route No
Use with Curbs and Gutters Yes
Spot or Area-wide Use Spot
Emergency Service Access Issues Yes
Impacts on Arterials Possible
Change in % Truck Possible
Environmental Changes Unknown
Dependence on enforcement Self-enforced
Level of Violation None
Aesthetics and Landscaping Possible