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Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP)

Tools to Address Speeding

Raised Crosswalks

Also known as "Raised Crossings" and "Sidewalk Extensions". These are basically speed tables or humps with crosswalk markings provided. Pedestrians have a level street crossing as a result - beneficial for disabled users. These result in reduced vehicular speeds as per standard speed humps. However, they enhance the environment for pedestrians and disabled sidewalk users.

Temporary Design

Raised crosswalk temporary installation

Temporary Installation

Permanent Mid-Block Design

Raised crosswalk permanent installation

Permanent Installation


  • Potential to reduce traffic speed.
  • Self-enforcing.
  • No impact on on-street parking.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • Improves accessibility for disabled pedestrians.
  • Improves general pedestrian environment.


  • Impacts emergency vehicle response times.
  • Not suitable on transit routes.
  • Not aesthetically pleasing.
  • Can affect drainage.
  • Can create noise pollution.
Summary of Effectiveness
Volume Reduction Unknown
Speed Reduction Yes
Safety Improvement Possible
Streets to Use On Collector, Local Local
Use on Bus Route Yes (With Care)
Use with Curbs and Gutters Yes
Spot or Area-wide Use Spot
Emergency Service Access Issues Possible
Impacts on Arterials Possible
Change in % Truck Unknown
Environmental Changes Unknown
Dependence on enforcement None
Level of Violation Self-enforced
Aesthetics and Landscaping No