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Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP)

Tools to Address Speeding and Traffic Volumes

Textured Pavement

Top view of a street with textured pavement

Roadway surfaces are paved with brick or stone, concrete pavers, textured asphalt or other materials designed to produce small changes in vertical alignment which can be detected physically and sometimes audibly by drivers. This textured surface can be extended over some distance to provide an improvement to the aesthetic look of the street. Colors can be used.

While they may reduce traffic speeds they may have an adverse effect on pedestrians, bicycle traffic and wheelchair users - especially when wet.


Temporary Installation

Baldwin Park, CA

Textured pavement permanent installation

Permanent Installation


  • Creates more pedestrian friendly intersection.
  • Enhances the aesthetics of the area.
  • Can use colorful interlocking pavers.


  • Heavy vehicles can raise the maintenance cost.
  • Potential increase in road noise.
  • Disliked by wheelchair users.
Summary of Effectiveness
Volume Reduction Possible
Speed Reduction Possible
Safety Improvement Possible
Streets to Use On Collector, Local Local/Collector
Use on Bus Route Yes
Use with Curbs and Gutters Yes
Spot or Area-wide Use Area
Emergency Service Access Issues No
Impacts on Arterials Possible
Change in % Truck Unknown
Environmental Changes Noise
Dependence on enforcement No
Level of Violation N/A
Aesthetics and Landscaping Paving