Stream Gaging Station Information


below Santa Fe Dam

RECORDER: Continuous water stage.

METHOD OF MEASUREMENT: Wading or from cable car.

DRAINAGE AREA: 239.0 square miles.

LOCATION: On the left bank of stilling basin outlet of Santa Fe Dam, 0.3 mile north of Arrow Highway and 1.5 miles north of Baldwin Park. Elevation of gage approximately 400 feet.

REGULATION: Flow regulated by Santa Fe Dam, inflow partially regulated by Cogswell Dam, San Gabriel Dam, and Morris Dam. Gates were installed on December 1948.

DIVERSION: There are diversions for irrigation, power development and spreading; discharges over the spillway of dam flow to the Rio Hondo and are not recorded at this station; five gated openings on the west side of the stilling basin may divert flow to a diversion canal to the Rio Hondo. Such diversions are mesured at station F280-R, Santa Fe Channel.

CHANNEL: A stilling basin is located in the outlet channel immediately below Santa Fe Dam.

CONTROL: 194.84 foot concrete overflow section to the San Gabriel River and 5 gated openings to the Rio Hondo diversion canal, station E281-R records water surface elevation in the stilling basin.

LENGTH OF RECORD: October 1, 1942 to October 1, 1974, and from October 1, 1998 to date.



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