Stream Gaging Station Information


below Pacoima Dam

RECORDER: Continuous water stage.

METHOD OF MEASUREMENT: Wading or from bridge.

DRAINAGE AREA: 28.2 square miles.

LOCATION: East of San Fernando, and approximately 500 feet downstream from Pacoima Dam, former station F118-R was approximately 450 feet downstream, former station U13-R was approximately 0.5 mile downstream. Elevation of gage, approximately 1650 feet.

REGULATION: Regulated by Pacoima Dam, station F118-R and F118B-R do not include spillway discharges.

DIVERSION: Water passing over Pacoima Dam spillway enters Pacoima Creek below station F118-R.

CHANNEL: Gravel and boulders.

CONTROL: Channel forms control.

LENGTH OF RECORD: At Station U13-R, Pacoima Creek near San Fernando, California from March 1916 to September 1929. Records are with the Los Angeles office of the United States Geological Survey, Water Resources Branch. At station F118V - Pacoima Creek below Pacoima Dam from October 1, 1929 to March 23, 1933. Records were based on Pacoima Dam outflow records and gage readings at the Venturi Flume below the dam. At station F118-R from March 24, 1933 to February 1, 1936. At station F118B-R from February 9, 1935 to date..

REMARKS: Located, constructed and operated by the Los Angeles County Flood Control District in cooperation with the USGS, Water Resources Branch.


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