Avenue K Transmission Main - Phase IIIA
  • Project Scope:
    Install approximately 5,820 linear feet of 36-inch diameter steel transmission water main.
  • Project Benefits:
    Improves max-day-demand pressures during peak demand, water quality, and system reliability throughout the west side of the 2555 pressure zone.
  • Community Engagement:
    Community engagement is done in coordination with the City of Lancaster.
  • Project Location:
    Ave. K between 10th St. W. and 20th St. W
  • Cost Estimate:
    - Total Project: $5,400,000 - Construction: $3,200,000
  • Economic Impact:
    Project construction supports direct and indirect jobs.
  • Schedule:
    - Final Plans – Dec 2021
    - Advertise for Construction Bids – Apr 2022
    - Start of Construction – Aug 2026

    Note - Dates subject to change

Please contact us with any questions about this project.
Katrine Usi, Project Manager
Office: (626) 458-3117
Location Map