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KITS User Manual

The KITS user manual is a useful resource that provides assistance to a user navigating through the KITS user interface. When using KITS, this resource can be accessed at anytime by pressing the F1 key. The user manual can be found here.

Highlights of LACO-4E and Manual
  • Flexible Barrier Structure – This program is not restricted to the “Standard 8 phase quad” ring structure of other Type 170 controller-based programs. It allows the user to customize the ring structure of each intersection in a variety of configurations.
  • AB3418E Slave and/or Master – Complies with the original AB3418E Specification for Slave mode. Also supports AB3418E Master mode in that it can transmit Time and Date to AB3418E compliant Slave controllers.
  • Multiple communication capabilities – LACO-4E is capable of Central system to controller communications, and controller-to-controller> ts Los Angeles County standard coordination and Zip Coordination, which is an abbreviated form of coordination logic.
  • The most user-friendly User Interface available for the Type 170 controller platform – No memory paging schemes. All memory is directly accessible with either three keystrokes (for addresses in 1st two(2) Kbytes of memory) or five(5) keystrokes (for all other memory locations). Any memory location in the entire 170E controller memory map can be viewed in either hexadecimal or decimal format.
  • Built in User-Data Validation – LACO-4E filters most critical data continuously to protect the program from invalid data entry.
  • Intuitive Programmable Logic feature, including AND, OR, XOR logic, timers and switches, to modify default input and output logic.
  • Integrated Intersection Flashout feature – This feature allows maintenance personnel to verify field to controller wiring without swapping out program EPROMS.
  • Supports 68HC11 processor and Quad UART, with 64 byte receive and transmit FIFO's.
  • Central System support using the AB3418E protocol.
  • Bus Signal Priority logic - A non-preemptive routine designed to move transit vehicles more efficiently through intersections.

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