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Phase 1 of the Pomona Valley ITS Project was the conceptual design that determined solutions to transportation congestion problems in the Pomona Valley. This phase focused on solutions to daily congestion on freeways and arterials, traveler information, incident-related back-ups, and event management for the Fairplex and surrounding areas.

Phase 2 is the detailed design and system procurement phase of the Pomona Valley ITS Project. This phase centers on the design, integration, and testing of Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) deployments per the Pomona Valley ITS Conceptual Design that was completed during Phase 1.

The PVITS project has three primary project components. ITS technologies will be developed related to:

  1. Pomona Valley Forum-Wide ATMS
  2. Route 60 Corridor Conceptual ATMS
  3. Fairplex Traffic Management Plan