Public Works
The Old Road Widening (Transportation)
A concept is currently being developed to widen The Old Road from four lanes to six lanes between Magic Mountain Parkway and Turnberry Lane.  This will include the addition of bike lanes, sidewalks, widened shoulders, and raised medians, as well as replacing the two bridges crossing over the Santa Clara River and former railroad right-of-way.  A multi-purpose trail will also be constructed to connect The Old Road to the existing City of Santa Clarita trail that currently ends beneath the Interstate 5 freeway.  Widening of Rye Canyon Road and re-alignment of the Henry Mayo Drive intersection is also being considered to improve traffic circulation in the area.
Benefits to Environmental Resources
The project incorporates Low Impact Development (LID) by proposing to install a bioswale within the raised median to capture and infiltrate storm water runoff.
The installation of bike lanes, sidewalks, widened shoulders and raised medians along the project area will help reduce vehicular emissions by encouraging alternate modes of transportation by improving safety for cyclists and pedestrians.
Contribution to wellbeing of DPW and the County
The Santa Clarita Valley is experiencing significant growth in terms of population.  The physical location of the Santa Clarita Valley subjects its intersection and roadway system to a substantial amount of regional cross traffic.  Additionally, The Old Road offers the only alternate route in the event of an emergency closure on Interstate 5.  The proposed improvements would significantly increase regional capacity on this direct north-south commuter route.  The project would also reduce forecasted congestion on Interstate 5 and accommodate projected traffic growth in the area. 
Currently there is no bicycle access between the terminus of the City of Santa Clarita bicycle network beneath Interstate 5 and destinations to the west.  Completion of this segment of the bikeway will close this crucial gap in the regional bikeway network.
Contribution to Economic Health
The proposed project is an investment in public infrastructure.  The project will increase the movement of goods on The Old Road and on Interstate 5 by improving truck access and through the addition of travel lanes and intersection improvements to alleviate congestion in the area. 
The replacement of the two bridges will reduce the potential for economic loss associated with aging bridges that are susceptible to damage from natural disasters.
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