Property Management

On January 22, 1991, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors awarded a contract to a private operator for the operation and maintenance of the five County-owned airports. Since 2002, American Airports Corporation (AAC) has held the contract which continues through 2016.

The five basic functions provided by the contract are (1) aircraft fueling - provide Jet A and 100LL aviation gasoline, (2) safety and security, (3) facilities and equipment maintenance, (4) property administration (leases, permits and other airport use agreements), and (5) public relations. Two of the primary benefits of privatizing the airports are the efficiencies afforded the private sector and increased revenue which is fully reinvested in the airports.

Several areas administered by AAC at the County-owned airports include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Leases, Permits and other Use Agreements
  • Aircraft Fueling Services
  • Hangar & Tie Down Rental (see Current Rates)
  • Airport Security
  • Special Events & Activities
  • Filming & Photography
  • General Administration

For more information regarding the products, services, and/or facilities provided by AAC at the County-owned airports or to speak with a representative of AAC, please visit our Contact Us website.

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