Trash Responsibility Ordinance — Antelope Valley Only

Illegal dumping is a significant problem in many communities throughout Los Angeles County, especially in the Antelope Valley area.  Illegal dumping poses a danger to public health and safety, decreases property values, and lowers the quality of life for County residents.  Materials that are illegally dumped may contaminate groundwater, pollute local waterways, create a nesting area for rodents and other vermin, and harm residents as they walk/ride through open areas due to sharp or toxic illegally dumped materials.

The Trash Responsibility Ordinance gives the County an additional mechanism to curb illegal dumping by requiring all unincorporated Antelope Valley residents to properly dispose of their trash on a weekly basis, either through a contract with a permitted waste hauler or self-hauling their waste to landfill.  Self-hauling of trash will only be allowed if the resident obtains a free yearly permit from the Department of Health Services, and shows proof that their trash was taken weekly to a landfill.  Most residents and businesses will not be affected by this ordinance since they already properly dispose of their trash.

Below are additional resources regarding the Ordinance.  If you have additional questions, please contact us by e-mail or call (626) 458-2537.

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