What Can You Do To Help Keep LA County Clean?

If you see illegal dumping in unincorporated LA County, report it by calling 1-888-8-DUMPING. You may also fill out our Confidential Online Reporting Form. In addition to reporting, we urge all residents to:

  • Dispose of your own waste properly and spread the word to friends and neighbors that illegal dumping is a crime, as well

  • Do not transport unsecured debris in the back of a vehicle, and always use a tarp or other cover

  • Support cleanup of vacant lots and other sites commonly used for illegal dumping

  • Take your used motor oil and other household hazardous waste (HHW) and electronic waste (E-waste) to proper collection facilities. Visit our HHW/E-waste website for a list of free locations and collection events. Recycle your used motor oil filter at the following oil filter exchange events.

  • Support recycling programs in your community. Visit our Residential Recycling and Business Recycling websites for more info.

  • Bulky items, such as furniture, large appliances, etc., can be collected by your waste hauler, if you make arrangements, right from your curb, often for little or no costs. If you can't donate useful items, make sure you dispose of them properly.

  • Waste tires illegally dumped are a significant problem in the Antelope Valley. They can catch fire and are difficult to put out. Also, they are a haven for mosquitos. Please recycle your waste tires! Find out how on our Waste Tire Recycling website.

  • Free solid waste disposal services through the Lancaster Landfill, (PDF, 31KB) or Sunshine Canyon Landfill, (PDF, 56KB) Waste Plan Conformance Agreements.

  • Utilize the illegal dumping prevention programs, (PDF, 26KB) especially in the Antelope Valley.

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Toll Free Phone Number: 1(888) CLEAN LA
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