Residential Franchise System
For over a decade, trash collection and recycling services have been provided to the County unincorporated communities under the Residential Franchise Trash Collection System. This system was developed to address State recycling laws, public attitudes towards protecting the environment, customers' desire for improved services, and diminishing landfill space. Under this system, private waste haulers sign an exclusive agreement with the County to provide trash collection and recycling services in carts to individual communities. As a result, the Residential Franchise System has helped to establish quality trash collection and recycling service, increase accountability, improve customer service, and promote cleaner neighborhoods.

To address the issue of diminishing landfill space and reduce emission of harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, recycling services are included as part of basic services and it includes the collection of the following materials:

  1. Recyclables, which go in your blue plastic cart, include beverage containers, such as cans, bottles, juice boxes, and more. For more information, here is a detailed list of recyclables or you can also visit your waste hauler’s website, which has a list that may include more acceptable materials.

  2. Organic Waste, which go in your green plastic organic waste cart, includes materials that come from living organisms such as, but not limited to, food, food scraps, food soiled paper, paper products, yard or green waste, wood, manure, and organic textiles.

On November 16, 2021, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors adopted the Mandatory Organic Waste Disposal Reduction Ordinance. The Ordinance ensures everyone does their part in diverting organic waste and edible food from landfills to reduce emissions of methane and the impacts on climate change. The Ordinance is also required per State Senate Bill 1383 regulations.

The Ordinance requires all businesses and residents in the County unincorporated communities to subscribe to organic waste collection services. Self-hauling is also allowed under certain circumstances.
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