CADD Standards

The following resources are for projects related to Los Angeles County Public Works. These files are the same as those used in this organization's computer aided drafting and design (CADD) operations. Comments or questions can be sent to

MicroStation Resource Files

The standard CADD software is MicroStation for this organization.

Entire workspace with all resource files:
Individual resource files for MicroStation workspace:
OpenRoads Designer & OpenBridge Modeler:

Border Sheets for Land Development Division (LDD)

  • There is no standard title block for grading and drainage plans for privately maintained improvements within private properties. This PDF lists information needed for the title sheet: Grading and BMP General Notes (03/28/2017). In addition, provide:
    • 1. County bench mark
    • 2. Name and address of the project, owner, applicant, engineer, surveyor, etc.
    For the latest information and details please see Forms and Guidelines

Border Sheets for Consolidated Sewer Maintenance District (CSMD)

Border Sheets for Public Works and Flood Control District Projects

County Infrastructure Projects
Traffic Control and Striping

Mapping Data

Cadastral Landbase Data
  • MicroStation (.dgn)
  • ArcMap (.gdb)


The standard survey software is Carlson Survey for County projects (not required for private development projects). Resource files available for download:
Survey Templates and Guides
  • Preparation Guide
  • Record of Survey Templates
  • Corner Record Template