Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My neighbor wants to install a fence between our properties. I had a surveyor survey the property lines last year. Now that we both know where the property line is between the two houses, she wants to install the fence right on the property line. This will result in making holes on the brick wall between the two houses. Not even mentioning about the view that's going to be limited, it will ruin the brick walls I cherish as part of the driveway. What is the guidelines about building a fence on the property, especially when my neighbor wants to install one without my consent. I guess I can't stop her installing one on her property but I want to know if there's any way I can stop her from making holes right on the property line. Thank you for your response.

The installation of a fence on a property line requires the agreement of both property owners. If your neighbor insists on building on the property line without your consent or damages your property it becomes a civil matter. Your neighbor may install a fence on their own property clear of the property line.

Please note that a free standing fence up to six (6) feet in height does not require a permit, but is still subject to zoning requirements established by the County of Los Angeles Department of Regional Planning, a link is provided below for your convenience.

  County of Los Angeles Dept. of Regional Planning
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