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I have a family friend that they've just bought a house in Temple City, Los Angeles County. When they bought it, the agent showed them the county record as living area is 1847 sq.ft. (The lot size is over 9,000). But after they closed Escrow, they would like to apply a Patio Enclosed permit from Temple City city hall since it was rainning heavily this year. When they were in the counter of the city planning department, they were told that the city record for this house with the living area is only 1360 sq.ft.(The lost size is the same as county's). They were told that before they applied Patio Enclosed, they should legalize the different part between city's and county's. They've already hired the architect to draw the exist house plan and submitted to the city hall planning department. The planning department reviewed it already, said they will contact either architect or them, but right now one month passed and no phone call has been received yet. They've contacted them several times but no answer yet.

Question 1: Is it right that sometimes the city record is different from county record? If it is, whose record should be complied with?

Question 2: Usually how long should the planning department review the plan?

Thank you so much for your kind attention and help.

The County of Los Angeles Office of the Assessor should have historical records including permit information in the parcel jacket. If the additional area was in fact permitted the discrepancy between the city records and the county assessor may be due to incomplete city records. Please contact the Assessor East District Office indicated below to obtain more information regarding your property.

Please refer questions regarding the city planning review process to the City of Temple City Planning Department at (626) 285-2171, the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works does not have jurisdiction over city planning matters.

East District Office
1190 Durfee Ave.
South El Monte, Ca 91733
Phone : (626) 258-6001

  Los Angeles County Office of the Assessor
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