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I am an ICBO / ICC Certified Electrical / Mechanical / Plumbing / Building / Combination Building Inspector since 1999. I work for the County of Los Angeles Sanitation District, where I am an Inspector 2 level 5. LACSD currently requires that you have a Los Angeles County Deputy Concrete Certification to advance to an Inspector 3 with the Sanitation District. Does Los Angeles County Public Works have a Deputy certification for Electrical / Mechanical / Plumbing / Building? If so what are the steps to obtain the certification. If not I guess I will need to obtain the Deputy Concrete and would like to know those requirements. Could you forward me that information? As I have stated, I work for LACSD and have spoken to several of the Engineers in our Field Engineering about this matter, and they are willing to help rewrite our requirements for an Inspector III position to include other than the Los Angeles Deputy Certification which has been a long established requirement at the Sanitation District but as I am sure you have seen at Public Works with today changes in the construction industry everything isn't about concrete, and with today's technology and innovations come change. Any help you can provide me with information would be of great assistance as I attempt to assist our new management from our Field Engineer Division.


Phillip R. Cooper
LACSD Construction Inspector

The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works Building and Safety Division has only four (4) deputy inspector certifications: reinforced concrete, structural masonry, pre-stressed concrete, structural steel, and welding. A person with the following qualifications may apply with the County of Los Angeles for certification as a deputy inspector in a particular discipline mentioned above:

1) Current International Code Council (ICC) certification in the discipline.
2) One (1) year of inspection experience in the discipline.
3) Three (3) years of work experience in the discipline.
4) Three (3) reference letters with knowledge of inspection in the discipline.

Once the listed items are established an applicant will qualify for an oral interview where an interview panel, including an engineer, will question the applicant on procedures and codes in the discipline he/she is applying for. Then the panel decides whether to issue the LACO deputy inspector certificate.

Fees and application information can be obtained by calling (626) 458 3176.

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