Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Us Bank would like to install a temporary portable generator at our production site at the above address. This standby generator would only be operated in the event of a loss of utility power. This site has an existing automatic transfer switch. Generator would be rented from Quinn Power. Generator has a CARB certification #114578. My question is, what information and or design drawing would I need to submit to get approval for this temporary installation. The generator would be on site for 120 to 150 days.

All electrical equipment installed in the areas served by the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works shall be listed by UL, ETI, ETL or etc. If the generator has a disconnecting means rated 400a or more, complete electrical drawings need to be submitted for plan check. If less than 400a, the contractor can visit the La Mirada Building and Safety Office at the address indicated below to obtain an electrical permit. If you have any questions please contact Mr. Nader Shams at (626) 458-3180.

La Mirada Building and Safety Office
13700 S. La Mirada Blvd
La Mirada, CA
(562) 943 0131

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