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I live in an unincorporated area of Los Angeles, and I own a home that was built in 1928. I want to renovate and build an addition, and I would really like the original (or most recent) building plans for that property. Does the "City of Los Angeles" Bldg Dept have access to these original plans? Where else can I obtain them? How are the building codes followed if the original plans aren't available?
Thank you for all your help.
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The City of Los Angeles would not have access to the most recent building plans for the property address provided. Depending on how long it has been since the most recent plans were submitted, the County of Los Angeles Lomita District Office may still have a copy of the building plans. However, upon final inspection, plans for single family residences are not retained by our district offices more than 90 days. If the plans are available, you would be able to view those plans, but not reproduce them because laws protect the work of architects, similar to copywriting of material by authors. The Building and Safety staff should be able to provide you with any available information about the architect and/or builder. You would then have to contact them directly to obtain a copy of the plans.

Additions, alterations or repairs may be made to any dwelling or structure without requiring the existing dwelling or structure to comply with all the requirements of the current codes, provided the work for the addition, alteration or repair conforms to that required for a new building or structure. Furthermore, as a result of the proposed new work, the existing building or structure shall not be rendered more hazardous than before the work is undertaken with respect to life safety, fire safety, structural safety, or sanitation. Exception: The installation/replacement of glass and/or the replacement of more than 25% of the existing roof shall be as required for new installations.

Please contact the Lomita District Office at (310) 534 3760 if you have any specific questions regarding your project. Also, for your information, a link is provided to an informative guide titled One- and Two-Family Residential Building Code Requirements.

County of Los Angeles Building and Safety
Lomita District Office
24320 South Narbonne Ave.
Lomita, CA
(310) 534 3760

  Single Family Residentional Building Requirements
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