Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I want to apply to be certified as a Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector for LA County through the Building and Safety Division of Public Works. I have the application for testing, but I can not find the instructions or the qualifications necessary to apply. They are not online anywhere.
Please reply with the Qualifications necessary to apply, the reference material needed for the testing, the required fee for the certification, who can submit reference letters on my behalf.

Thank you

An applicant with the following qualifications can apply for certification as a reinforced concrete deputy inspector for the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works Building and Safety Division:

1) Current International Code Council (ICC) certification in reinforced concrete.
2) One (1) year of inspection experience of reinforced concrete.
3) Three (3) years of work experience with reinforced concrete.
4) Three (3) reference letters with knowledge of inspection in the field of reinforced concrete.

Once the listed items are established an applicant will qualify for an oral interview where an interview panel, including an engineer, will question the applicant on procedures and codes in the discipline he/she is applying for. Then the panel decides whether to issue the LACO deputy inspector certificate.

Fees and application information can be obtained by calling (626) 458 3176.

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