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I would like to know the location of the uppermost aquifer and aquifers hydraulically interconnected beneath 930 North Selby Street in El Segundo, including the direction and flow-rate of groundwater, depth to groundwater, and seasonal high groundwater level.

Thank you for your help,


Hello David,

I have been informed that you are presently working with the Water Resources Division's Hydrologic Records Unit regarding this request. I have also been told that because the Records Unit does not have any aquifer, groundwater direction and flow-rate information available at this time, they have referred you to the California State Department of Water Resources and to the City of El Segundo.

They can, however, provide you with well depth and historical high and low groundwater levels. There are 7 wells in our database located near your site.

To receive the Location map and measurement table, please contact the Hydrologic Records Group at 626-458-6120.

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