Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The County put in a sewer line prior to Agoura Hills being incorporated. House laterals were put up to the property lines. A year ago we had a house built and they connected to the lateral. After a while, the sewage began to come up through the asphalt. It is claimed that the cause of sewer problem was the lateral was never hooked up to the main.
2 questions:
1. Why wouldn't the Contractor connect the lateral to the main?
2. How does the County handle claims like this?

Please contact Mr. Hu Yi at (626) 300-3374 from the Sewer Maintenance Division to send a crew to investigate the situation. Please note that section of the plumbing code indicates that maintenance of the plumbing and drainage system, including the building sewer lateral up to the point of connection to the public sewer, is the responsibility of the owner.

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