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I recently had a swimming pool installed by a licensed contractor. There is NOT a drain on the pool... in other words, too much water (either from rains or a leaky valve in the auto-fill) causes the pool to overflow.

Are there any construction guidelines/requirements to install a working drain in the swimming pool?
Thanks in advance for your help!

Thank you for your inquiry. There are no provisions within Los Angeles County Codes that require the installation of a drain with the installation of a new pool. You may wish to contact the licensed contractor who installed your pool for a possible remedy. With respect to the overflow from the pool flowing onto neighbors property, it is a violation of the building code if the drainage is detrimental to the natural flow of water or if the water has the potential to undermine structures. While we cannot recommend a specific course of action, we do suggest you address the overflow with the pool contractor to prevent future drainage problems. Thank you.

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