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I know that in the past residence in areas not far from where I live have been compensated for having to put up with the disruptions of construction projects. I am wondering who to contact about a compensation for consideration of construction on my block (right out my window). I moved into my residence almost 4 years ago in a nice clean and quite neighborhood. Less than two months later a construction company started tearing down three buildings right next to me to build a larger condominium building. I hadn't lived there soon enough to fight the construction, and might not have, but the construction has gone on, and is still going on today. When I had moved in almost 4 years ago I had just purchased a new black car, and it has gotten dirty from the construction for almost 4 years. Other buildings the same size (at least 3 buildings) and much more elaborate have gone up around the block from this building in less than one year, and are already selling. My neighbors and I believe that this contractor owes us compensation for almost 4 years of construction for not having parking, for making our nice clean quite neighborhood look like a construction zone for so long. We pay high rent, but have to pay for on-street permit parking to which they have taken half of for all this time. The time that they have taken to build this building is unreasonable and we believe we should be compensated for the abuse of time and discern that they have shown all my neighbors and I, continually lying about when they will be done.

Also in reading another persons question, and your reply of times they can work, they have blocked off our parking from m-sat 6am-6pm, and sometimes leaving there cones out blocking parking over the whole weekend (when there was no work being done on the parking area) were they allowed to do that.

Any help that you can give me would be much appreciated.

Thank you using the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works FAQ website. While your concerns are important to us, the properties in question are located under the jurisdiction of the City of Los Angeles. For your convenience, we have included the contact information for the City of L.A. Department of Building and Safety - who may be able to assist you with your inquiry. Thank you.

  City of L. A. Department of Building and Safety
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