Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where and how can I dispose of an old TV so that it doesn't cause environmental damage? There is a lot of lead and plastics in these things that should be kept out of the water table.

Does the city or county have any resources for environmentally sound disposal for TVs and computer monitors?

Thank you for your inquiry.

During the year, we conduct weekly Household Hazardous/Electronic Waste Collection Events in various locations throughout Los Angeles County. These are free and convenient ways for residents to dispose of their unwanted HHW/E-Waste (which includes ALL TVs, paint, solvents, chemicals, computers, etc).

In addition, the County of Los Angeles has partnered with the City of Los Angeles to allow all residents of Los Angeles County to drop off household hazardous waste at the 5 permanent HHW/E-Waste Collection Centers in the communities of San Pedro, East Los Angeles, UCLA, Playa del Rey, and Sun Valley.

Click on the link below for future collection events and locations of the permanent collection centers or call 1 (888) CLEAN LA (253-2652). Also, on our website you can sign up to be e-mailed as soon as an event is scheduled close to your area. This new tool added to our program helps promote up-to-date information for all residents.

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