Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I am trying to develop a system for a mobile car wash. I have a filter system installed. Once the water goes through the system, can i get a permit to discharge this into the storm sewer? Or, once it is filtered, can I get a permit to dump the water in the sanitary sewer on the site that I am using the equipment. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

The answer to your question is dependent on City of operation and any licenses and/or requirements they may have.

In general, a review of the filter system will be required as well as the containment berm around the washpad. Discharge to the street and storm drain system is not allowed. Discharge to the sanitary sewer system onsite could be allowed if the filter system removes oils, grease, and solids, but is dependent on the sewering agency. The mobile washer would be required to obtain an industrial waste permit. Manifests for waste water that is disposed would need to be maintained. Contact the Industrial Waste Unit at 626-458-3517 for further information.

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