Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What considerations for wheelchair travel along Grand Ave during construction have been made?

Unfortunately, it was determined during design that it was not possible to maintain an accessible route along Grand Avenue during the construction and therefore the impact of construction on disabled access was identified as a significant impact of the project in the County's environmental impact report. Two possible alternatives are as follows: If you park in the Music Center lot, use the elevators and ascend to the Plaza Level of the Music Center. From the Plaza, exit onto the sidewalk on Hope Street, cross Hope Street at Temple and travel east on Temple to the annex. A second alternative would be to park in the Cathedral's parking lot and use the southern sidewalk along Temple to get to and then cross Grand Avenue.

We realize and apologize for this inconvenience during construction. The project, however, will result in increased accessibility along Grand Avenue, including the widening of the sidewalks to provide an uncluttered pedestrian environment. Further, the project will install an elevator from Grand Avenue to the mall area between the County Hall of Administration and the Superior Court which will provide a direct accessible route to those amenities and an easier transition from Grand Avenue to Hill Street.

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