Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My neighbors and I live off a dirt road. We would like to know how we get theis road dedicated to the County to have it paved and maintained and what are the associated costs.

Unfortunately, public funds cannot be used for the improvement of privately-owned streets and roads. However, there are three methods that you can use to improve your private street.

Private Street -- Property owners hire a private contractor to improve the street (the street remains privately-owned).

Deeded Street -- Property owners hire a civil engineer and a contractor to design and build street improvements to County standards. Once the street improvements are completed, the street can be dedicated to the County for operation and maintenance.

County Improvement District -- The County would design and construct the improvements to the private road, and the property owners would finance the cost of the project through an annual assessment. To initiate the process, an initial petition signed by at least 70 percent of the affected property owners is required. A final ballot requiring a majority vote of the property owners is necessary to form the district and approve the assessment. Prior to initiating design and construction, the County would also need an assurance that 100 percent of the property owners agree to dedicate the necessary right of way at no cost to the County. Upon completion of construction, the street would be dedicated to the County for operation and maintenance. Please contact Mr. Jim Namminga of our Environmental Planning & Assessments Section for further information. Mr. Namminga's phone number is (626) 458-3945; e-mail address is

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