Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have very low water pressure. If we have the sprinklers or the washing machine on then we have just a trickle coming from the faucets in the house. Is this normal? Can we fix it?

There could be several reasons for your low pressure. If you have an older house, you may have a galvanized steel house line (instead of a copper line which is commonly installed in newer houses). With age, a galvanized line will deteriorate and may cause a decrease in pressure.

Another possible reason for your low pressure is that if your houseline is very small (i.e. less than one inch), your line may simply not be able to handle a lot of flows at once. Also, some houses have pressure regulators. Over time pressure regulators can start to fail resulting in decreased pressure. Other possible reasons could be a blockage in a water line or a valve somewhere in your plumbing that is not completely open.

One simple thing you can do is to check your aerators attached to your faucets. These aerators can become clogged over time and may need periodic cleaning.

If your low pressure is a continuing problem and you would like our help diagnosing your problem, you can arrange to have one of our customer service representatives to meet with you for a field investigation. Contact our Lancaster office at 661-942-1157 for more details.

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