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My neighbor is building a playhouse that is about 12 feet tall with posts anchored in concrete. The Playhouse is set back from my back yard fence approximately 2 feet (23 inches) from my property line/fence.

Is there a minimum set back for this kind of construction? Did they need a permit? Do I have any recourse if this is not to code?

Thank you for contacting the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works. Depending on the size of the playhouse, a building permit may be required for its construction. Based on the zip code provided in your inquiry, you may contact our Building and Safety Division's Calabasas District Field for more specific requirements. In addition, the County of Los Angeles Department of Regional Planning has some minor language on the construction of such accessory buildings as you have described. You may contact them if you wish at the web link provided below. Thank you for your inquiry.

  L.A. County Department of Regional Planning
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