Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


We want to build a two car garage in the front of our house.

1.What are the setback requirements from street and side property line, size & height limits, and other restrictions we need to know?

2. Where do we get permits, and which ones do we need?

3. Is there a way to determine our property lines without having to hire a surveyor?

1.Setbacks are determined by the County of Los Angeles Department of Regional Planning. We have provided a link to their website below for your convenience. 2.You will need a building permit and an electrical permit at a minimum. The fees for these permits are dependent on the amount of work being done (valuation) and the number of fixtures installed. The permits may be obtained at the Building and Safety District Field Office location shown below. 3.The Department of Regional Planning will be able to assist you in detail with property line information. It is unlikely that you will need to hire a surveyor. A Regional Planning representative is also available at the Building and Safety office shown below on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We recommend you call to make an appointment.

San Gabriel Valley District Field Office
125 S. Baldwin Ave,
Arcadia, CA 91007

  L.A. County Department of Regional Planning
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