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I reside in North San Gabriel under the County unincorporate area. The property's lot size is about 55ft x 150ft. It's a one-story house. I would like to tear it down completely, and build a two-story with about 2500 sq ft. Please advice the contact information and the proper procedures on how to acquire the construction approval from the County.

Thank you for contacting the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works. There are a number of agencies and departments within the county that you will need to obtain approval from before receiving a permit to build a new house. We recommend you visit our Building and Safety Division's local district field office to find detailed information regarding the requirements of, and contact information for these agencies and departments. Given your location, the office that can serve you is located at 125 S. Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007 - (626) 574-0941. Other district office locations may be found on the website at the link shown below.

As a basic summary, you will need to obtain approvals from the Department of Regional Planning, the local school district, the Air Quality Management District, the Division of Building and Safety, and the Fire Department to name a few. When visiting your friendly Building and Safety District Field Office, ask a plan check engineer to explain the details of obtaining approvals and permits for the work you have described. He or she will be able to assist you by explaining the process in detail, and by providing some helpful handouts. The Building and Safety Office hours are 8:00 - 4:30, Monday through Friday. Thank you for your inquiry.

  L.A. County Building & Safety District Offices
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