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I'm looking to develop the property at the above intersection. I can't develop this property because there is no water that goes to the property. I applied for a USAD loan but was turned down solely because of this water problem.
I need help. Who can I go to?

The County of Los Angeles Plumbing Code does require that each plumbing fixture shall be provided with an adequate supply of potable running water. Potable water is defined as water which is satisfactory for drinking, culinary, and domestic purposes and meets the requirements of the health authority having jurisdiction. The local water company should be contacted to extend the local water service to your property. Please contact the Antelope Valley District Office at (661) 723 4440 to identify the water purveyor in your area.

If service from the local water company is not feasible the Department of Health Services Environmental Health Division should be contacted at (626) 430-5380 to obtain information regarding well water to serve the property.

Antelope Valley Office
335A E. Avenue K-6, Lancaster 93535
Phone: (661) 723-4440
Fax: (661) 723-4435

  Department of Health Services Environmental Health
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