Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I'm considering remodeling my kitchen which will include new cabinets, new appliances, flooring, some electrical, a range hood and homemade cabinets. It may also possibly including removing a load-bearing wall and replacing it with a beam. What permits will I need, and do I need a structural engineer to evaluate the beam before installation? Do I need approval before putting the beam in? Lastly, are there any restrictions on homemade cabinets regarding types of finishes?

The scope of work you mentioned will require building, mechanical, and electrical permits. Please contact a plan check engineer at the San Gabriel District Office indicated below for specific details of the required structural analysis to obtain the building permit. Also, the District Office can provide you with an informative handout that explains the permitting process titled One- and Two-Family Residential Building Code Requirements.

San Gabriel Valley District Office
125 South Baldwin Ave.
Arcadia, CA
(626) 574- 0941

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