Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need a permit to build a front yard fence with a drive way entrance fence, made of wrought iron and stucco/brick poles, with an intended height of 48 to 52"?
I have little kids and would like to close the open front yard/drive way for security reasons, ASAP.
Please confirm. Thank you,

A permit from Building and Safety is not required for freestanding fences up to 6 feet, but the Department of Regional Planning does limit the height of fences in the required 20 foot front yard clearance. Please contact the regional planning representative at the district office below for more information regarding the zoning requirements for your project or call (213) 974-6411.

Any proposed electrical permits can be obtained at the Building and Safety District Office indicated below.

San Gabriel Valley District Office
125 South Baldwin Ave.
Arcadia, CA
(626) 574- 0941

  Los Angeles County Dept. of Regional Planning
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