Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My buyer's home inspector says the water heater in my garage needs a down spout from the pressure relief valve. Where does this downspout need to terminate to be up to building code? The hardware store salesman suggests that we use flexible copper braided hose that terminates a few inches above the garage floor. The inspector states it has to drain to the outside of the house which does not seem practical. Please help.

Section 608.4 of the County of Los Angeles Plumbing Code requires that the drain of a combination pressure and temperature relief valve located inside of a building shall extend from the valve to the outside of the building with the end of the pipe not more than two (2) feet nor less than six (6) inches above the ground (or the flood level of the area receiving the discharge) and pointing downward. Also, no part of such drain shall be trapped.

The materials allowed for a relief valve drain include galvanized steel, hard drawn copper piping and fittings or listed relief valve drain tube with fittings which will not reduce the internal bore of the pipe or tubing (straight lengths).

You may review the code over the counter at the Building and Safety Calabasas District Office located at 4111 Las Virgenes Road, Calabasas.

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