Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do the recent rain events (December-2004 January-2005) compare to the historical data, is this considerd once every 25,50, or 100 year amount?

Rainfall frequency is associated with rainfall duration and location. The frequency of a storm can vary significantly across the county. It is not possible to assign a single frequency without specifying a duration and a location. The storms that occurred in December 2004 and through January 2005 had high intensities in different parts of the county. In some parts of the county the December 28th storm was more intense than the January 8th storm. In other parts of the county the January 8th storm had the highest intensity.

In Calabasas, a nearby gage would be Agoura-Station 434. The analysis done for this station's preliminary data indicates that the peak 24-hour rainfall occurred on December 28 with a total of 4.8 inches. This rainfall total for the given duration is a little greater than a 5-yr storm. The frequencies were less in some areas and greater in other areas.

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