Building & Safety Division Services - Customer Service Survey

The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, Building & Safety Division appreciates the opportunity to serve you. We welcome your honest feedback on your level of satisfaction with the Building & Safety services you received. Your comments and suggestions are important to us and will be reviewed by our management to identify areas of improvement or to provide recognition to staff. We strive to always improve customer satisfaction with our Building & Safety customers - by completing this survey, you are helping us improve the services we provide.

    • Date of Building & Safety service:
    • Where service was provided: (please submit a separate survey for each location where service was provided)
    • Please mark the Building & Safety service for which you are providing feedback: (please submit a separate survey for each type of service)
        Above Average
        Below Average
      • How would you rate your overall satisfaction with the Building & Safety service you received?
      • Were you helped in a timely manner?
      • Were we courteous?
      • Did we provide you with knowledgeable answers or help?
      • How would you rate our ability to direct you to the appropriate service(s)?
      • How would you rate our facility?
  • Please indicate below if you would like a supervisor to contact you, request a second opinion, or provide additional feedback.
    • Your name:
    • Telephone:
    • Name of plan checker, permit technician or inspector:
    • Description of the specific issue you would like the supervisor to discuss:
    • Please provide any additional comments or suggestions in the box below.
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