Construction Management

Best Practices: Design Excellence

Public Works values design excellence and utilizes a collaborative approach to design and construction, producing an aesthetically pleasing, high quality, and high performing project that fully meets the County's established criteria described as follows:


  • Design that articulates architectural form, massing, and detailing.
  • Architecture that is visually engaging, contextually responsive to the community, and timeless.
  • Integrate art in the fabric of design.
  • Architecture that creates a sense of "place".


  • Meet the programmatic requirements efficiently and creatively.
  • Innovative designs that add value beyond the expectations of the program without increase in cost.
  • Provide a safe and productive workplace for County residents and staff.
  • Design a building that is durable, operationally efficient, easily maintainable, and has low operational cost.


  • Incorporate sustainability/green building concepts in design.
  • Reduce energy consumption or carbon footprint compared to mean baseline.
  • Mitigate impacts to surrounding environment.
  • Design that contextually responds positively to the site conditions and to environmental policies.


  • Utilize technology to meet and exceed program requirements.
  • Incorporate innovation through multi-disciplinary integrated design.


  • Delivery of Design Excellence on time and on budget.
  • Use industry best practices to define measure, analyze, coordinate, and validate the design.
  • Manage the design phase effectively to assure high-quality design.
  • Build consensus through collaboration with tenants to meet the project goals and objectives.
  • Ensure that highly talented and proficient design professionals are selected and maintained for the project duration.