Stormwater Pollution Fast Facts
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Each of us contributes to stormwater pollution every day...but do you know exactly how much pollution Los Angeles County residents contribute? The facts may surprise you. And in relation to some favorite Southern California landmarks, the amount of trash Los Angeles County generates is just downright scary.

FACT: The County Trash Nets in Ballona Creek and the Los Angeles River capture nearly 200 tons of litter each year before it flows out into the ocean. That’s more than one piece of trash per each of the 10 million LA County residents.
Ballona Creek

FACT: The Los Angeles flood channel has enough trash to fill the Rose Bowl Field two stories deep.
Rose Bowl field

FACT: Los Angeles residents dispose of enough tons of waste to fill Dodger Stadium every two weeks.
Dodger Stadium

FACT: In Los Angeles County, nearly 100 million gallons of contaminated water and debris flow through the storm drain system each day without rain. Rainy days can increase the flow to 10 billion gallons per day.
Storm Drain

*FACT: LA County residents walk a dog without picking up the droppings more than 82,000 times per month.

*FACT: On average, LA County residents drop a cigarette butt on the ground nearly 915,000 times per month.
Cigarette Butts

*FACT: LA County residents water the lawn or garden and let the water run into the street more than 390,000 times per month.
Lawn and Garden

*FACT: LA County residents hose leaves or dirt off a driveway or sidewalk into the street more than 415,000 times per month.

Storm drains are intended to take rainwater straight to the ocean to avoid area flooding. When it rains, contaminants – such as litter, animal waste, automobile fluids, fertilizers and pesticides – make their own way into the storm drains and pollute the County’s waters, creating health risks for children, killing marine life and contributing to neighborhood flooding and beach closures.

For more information regarding stormwater pollution prevention, Los Angeles County residents are encouraged to call the County’s toll-free environmental hotline, 1(888) CLEAN LA, or visit The hotline and Web site allow residents to report illegal dumping and clogged catch basins, as well as receive information regarding stormwater pollution prevention, certified used oil recycling centers, smart gardening tips and Household Hazardous Waste and Electronic Waste Roundup events.

*According to a 2001 survey conducted by the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works