Note: This list shows roads within unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County ONLY. Estimated reopening dates are subject to change without notice. Please check this site periodically before finalizing any travel plans.
Currently 15 road closures and 4 planned road closures. Last Closure reported on: 06/27/2022 03:36:00 PM
Parking Restrictions/Observe Signs
Street - From / To Status Reason Begin Date Sorted Descending Estimated End Date SD
Verdale Avenue FROM: Delwood Street TO: Verdale Avenue Road Closed. Only Open To Emergency Vehicles Power Pole Removal And Replacement - Permit Office# 2 06/27/22 08:00 AM 06/27/22 04:00 PM 5
19524 Searls Dr FROM: Lindengrove Ave TO: Annadel Ave Road Closed Crane Operation - Pwrp2022004177 06/25/22 08:00 AM 06/25/22 03:00 PM 1
The Old Road FROM: Constitution Av TO: Stevenson Ranch Parkway Road Closed. Only Open To Emergency Vehicles Water Main Break 06/23/22 05:41 PM TBD 5
Cocopan Dr FROM: Monterosa Dr TO: Cul De Sac Road Closed Crane Operation (Pwrp2022004008) 06/21/22 08:00 AM 06/21/22 04:00 PM 5
Sierra Highway FROM: Vasquez Canyon Road TO: Davenport Road Construction Zone. Expect Delays Expect Delays Due To Construction From 7:00am To 4:30pm, Mon To Fri 06/13/22 07:00 AM 07/08/22 05:00 PM 5
Leffingwell Road FROM: Meyer Road TO: Coteau Road Lane Closed Permitted Activity Under Permit Pwrp2021003488 06/08/22 07:00 PM 07/25/22 04:00 PM 4
San Francisquito Canyon Road FROM: Elizabeth Lake Rod TO: Mile Marker 5.96 Construction Zone. Expect Delays Road Construction (Daily Partial Closure 8:00 Am-5:00 Pm) 06/06/22 08:00 AM 07/22/22 05:00 PM 5
Pepper Drive FROM: New York Drive TO: Berendo Street Road Closed. Only Open To Contractors, Residents. & Emergency Vehicles Filmla Permit La00053552-2 - Film2022000241 06/02/22 05:00 PM 06/03/22 03:00 AM 5
Austin Way FROM: Lakeshore Road TO: Newview Drive Road Closed. Only Open To Contractors, Residents. & Emergency Vehicles Road Closure Due To Road Work 05/25/22 09:00 PM 06/10/22 05:00 PM 5
20th Street East FROM: Avenue H TO: Avenue G-8 Road Closed Closed Due To Sand Storm And Accident 05/10/22 03:30 PM TBD 5
Rush St FROM: Fruitvale TO: Burkett Rd Road Closed Down Tree And Power Lines 01/22/22 07:12 AM TBD 1
Tuna Cyn Rd FROM: Pch TO: Saddle Peak Road Closed. Only Open To Emergency Vehicles Fire 07/19/21 04:51 PM TBD 3
Chantry Flats FROM: Arno Drive TO: Forest Route 2n40 Road Closed. Only Open To Emergency Vehicles Due To Fire 09/08/20 09:41 AM 11/01/22 12:00 AM 5
Mulholland Hwy FROM: Lower Brewster Rd TO: Seminole Dr Road Closed Woolsey Fire 11/09/18 12:36 PM TBD 3
Fairway Drive FROM: Business Parkway TO: East Walnut Drive North Road Closed Ace - Fairway Drive Grade Separation Project - Ace Project Helpline (888) Ace-1426 06/07/18 09:00 PM TBD 1,4

4 planned road closures:
Street - From / To Status Reason Expected Closure On Estimated End Date SD
17808 E Woodcroft St FROM: N Donna TO: N O'Malley Road Closed Crane Operation - Pwrp2022004468 06/29/22 08:00 AM  06/29/22 04:00 PM
Strong Ave FROM: Pioneer Blvd TO: Adele Ave Road Closed Crane Operation (Pwrp2022004197) 07/05/22 08:00 AM  07/05/22 03:00 PM
La Presa Dr FROM: Arcadia Ave TO: Duarte Rd Road Closed Crane Operation (Pwrp2022004115) 06/29/22 07:00 AM  06/29/22 05:00 PM
Chaney Tr FROM: Alzada Rd TO: Millard Canyon Campground Road Closed Annual 4th Of July Closure 07/01/22 08:00 PM  07/07/22 06:00 AM