Dams & Reservoirs

Following the damaging flood of 1914 and the creation of the Los Angeles County Flood Control District in 1915, a program of flood control and water conservation was initiated by the District. Part of this program included the construction of 14 dams which were completed between 1920 and 1939.

  1. Big Dalton Dam
  2. Big Tujunga Dam
  3. Cogswell Dam
  4. Devil's Gate Dam
  5. Eaton Wash Dam
  6. Live Oak Dam
  7. Morris Dam
  1. Pacoima Dam
  2. Puddingstone Dam
  3. Puddingstone Diversion Dam
  4. San Dimas Dam
  5. San Gabriel Dam
  6. Santa Anita Dam
  7. Thompson Creek Dam

These dams continue to be operated and maintained by Public Works to control flood waters during storm periods. Public Works makes post storm releases, when feasible, in amounts that can be conserved in downstream spreading grounds and by channel percolation. In addition, five U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' dams - Lopez, Hansen, Santa Fe, Sepulveda, and Whittier Narrows Dams, are operated by the Corps in conjunction with Public Works' dams to achieve flood control and/or water conservation.

Public Works' 14 dams and reservoirs' locations are shown on the map. Data and unpublished information for these facilities can be obtained by contacting the custodian of hydrologic record:

Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
Stormwater Engineering Division
P.O. Box 1460
Alhambra, CA 91802-1460
(626) 458-6120